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The Center Hotel Weihai is located in the most prosperous commercial center of the city, surrounded by shopping malls, convenient for shopping, dining and transportation. It is adjacent to the seaside park and tourist Wharf in the East, huancuilou Park in the west, people's square of the municipal government in the north, and Liugong Island, a 5A tourist scenic spot, across the sea.
Hotel hardware facilities, with all kinds of warm rooms more than 200 (sets), can accommodate 40-300 people in four conference rooms, conference facilities, reception experience. Hotel Catering includes zero point, self-service, Western food and other forms, with four seasons self-service Baihui and Jinxiu Jiangnan restaurant two famous chain brand restaurants, as well as the perfect combination of Chinese and Western food xiawanna fashion restaurant. The gym is open to hotel guests, with nearly 100 square meters of fitness space, table tennis room and other leisure areas. The environment of hailanbei spa is elegant. Through essential oil aromatherapy and massage, the body, heart and soul of guests can be relaxed in an all-round way, relieving work and travel fatigue. There is a live performance of a band in the bar time of xiawanna fashion restaurant. All guests present drinks and snacks, so that you can immerse yourself in the Caribbean customs and beautiful songs to wash the tiredness of the day.
Adhering to the mission of 'creating a happy experience for customers', the hotel staff are willing to care for customers' experience and feelings with smile, enthusiasm and meticulous service, so that you can enjoy a pleasant leisure and business travel time in the beautiful coastal town.

Breakfast price: CNY48($7.1) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet